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A little about myself ... 

Hi.. My name is Jessica.  I remember when I first looked for ways to make money from home was back in the year of 2000.  My oldest son was only 6 months old. I just graduated from college and became a brand new mother.  My ex.husband was doing school with only one part-time job at Olive Garden and we had only one vehicle in the household. Not only it was not practical to put my son to daycare after crunching the numbers, but I also did NOT want to miss out on his many first steps in his life. That's how I got started my work at home journey.  My dream back then was to make enough to buy a plane ticket take my baby back to my home city Hong Kong to visit my parents, my siblings and all my aunties. 

During the past decade and a half, I have learned and grown so much in developing myself as a leader in the industry.  I have since served on several leadership boards and have won numerous awards including being nominated to participate in intensive elite leadership training events.  Because of my success, I was being featured by multiple 6-figure income earners for small group sessions for teams as well as being interviewed by a very well-known self-made multi-millionaire, Dani Johnson, on their company's weekly international teleconference call. 

I feel very blessed and fortunate to have met and worked with so many wonderful people through out my journey.  Many of them have touched my heart.  Many have become life-long friends.  We mastermind and have fun and go places together.  As a team, we also give back to the world.  At the moment, our team's giving project is  "The Santa Pancha Village Community Development project", our goal is to build 1000 new homes costing $5,200.00 each. 

Because of this opportunity, I am able to pursue things that I want in my life. I became an international stage performer.  In the past two years, I have traveled to over 25 different countries coaching and performing on prestigious stages in front of thousands of people in a highly acclaimed theatrical show with an award-winning concert pianist and a master illusionist.  

I also am a certified DreamBuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant, helping people transform all areas of their lives, whether it is Love/relationship, Health, Money/Time Freedom or Career.   I am constantly learning and growing myself and am coached by many self-made multi-millionaires coaches, and surrounding myself with like minded and successful people.   

If you are looking for a way improve your financial and time freedom situation, and be able to have more vacations and see the world, I highly recommend check out Coastal Freedom.   Integrity of the team is essential, a simple system in place is essential, people are able to start having results quickly is essential.    Training and support is already in place.    People can start part-time, working 8 - 10 hours per week to begin with.  

Watch the online video to learn more about this opportunity.   If you like what you see, let's connect over the phone.  

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Jessica Man Wendelboe

Coastal Platinum Director/ Business/ Transformational Life Coach

Direct: 702-608-3162 PST