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Welcome to the 1000 Woman Millionaires Project. What is it? It is a way for you to have money abundance, optimal health and happiness.

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My name is Jessica Man. I am a certified life mastery consultant and Dreambuilder Coach.

In the past few years, I devoted myself to women empowerment work. I traveled around the world and conducted business with high-level women leaders. I've mentored, learned, and hosted retreats with hundreds of women. It has been epic and miraculous.

However, I've noticed one common block that is holding many women back from actualizing their dreams, which is a lack of money. Here is the fact, sisters, in order for us to fully express ourselves, meaning to thrive not just to survive, it requires a lot of money. When reflecting on this problem, in conjunction with the global pandemic, I made a choice to create a solution.

The universe always has its way to support us when we follow our heart and make a decision. That's WHEN I was connected to a heart-centered, multi-millionaire to ask him to sponsor this women empowerment project. I feel so blessed and honored that without any hesitation, he said YES. Little did I know that it has been a dream of his to have 1000 millionaire women in the same organization, with a shared vision to make the world a better place.

As your fellow sister, I am sending you an invitation to take a closer look at this project. If you know in your heart that you are meant to Be more, Do more, Have more and Give more, let's connect.    

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If you have already filled out a form requesting  to learn more about this project and opportunity, either me or one of the sisters in the community will give you a call.  

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Jessica Man

Co-Founder 1000 Women Millionaires / International Trainer/ Certified Life Mastery Consultant / DreamBuilder Coach/ Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach